My home town Kattankudy, Sri Lanka is a narrow strip of land sandwiched between the sea on the east and the lagoon on the west.It is a  paradise of seafood, where I grew up eating fish 6 days a week. My mother cooked meat only on Fridays, as Fridays are considered a special day in my home town. This mixed vegetable curry brings back nostalgic memories as we had this dish along with mutton, beef or chicken on special occasions. In my opinion, people in my hometown (Kattankudy) don’t eat much vegetables compared to other parts of Sri Lanka. Hence they add a variety of vegetables along with a tablespoon of dried meat/chopped prawns/chopped beef and cook it in coconut milk.

Time: Total of 30 minutes(10 minutes preparation +20 minutes cooking)

Serves: 4-5 persons


100 grams carrot, washed, peeled and sliced

100 grams beans, washed, stringed and sliced

50 grams cabbage, washed and sliced thinly

50 grams split red lentils, washed

1 big onion

2 clove garlic, crushed and chopped

2 green chillies, sliced

1 tomato, cubed

A few curry leaves

A slice of pandan leaf

1 tsp of vegetable curry powder (combination of ⅛ tsp of each

powdered cumin, fennel,pepper,coriander and chilli)

1 tsp turmeric powder

¼ tsp chilli flakes

200 ml thick coconut milk

50 ml thick coconut milk + 100 ml water, mixed together

1 tbsp oil

1 tbsp chopped dried meat/prawns/beef, optional

Splash of water



1.Heat oil in a pan.

2.Add onion and fry till translucent. When translucent add garlic, fry for a minute.

3.Add curry leaves and sliced pandan leaf.

4.Add the sliced chillies along with beans and tomato and chopped meat/prawns/beef if you are using, cook for 3 minutes.

5.Add the rest of the vegetables, fry for 2 minutes, lower the heat.


6.Add the rest of the spices and let it roast in the vegetables. If you find it dry, add a splash of water to moisten the mix.

7.Add the lentils and mix well.


8.Add the coconut milk and water mix, cook until lentils are almost done.

9.Add the rest of the coconut milk, bring to a boiling point, do not boil.mixed-vegetable3-110.Adjust the seasoning to your taste and take it off the heat.


Serve with hot steamed rice.




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